Phyllis Fierro Net Worth – Net Worth of Phyllis Fierro, Wife of Ralph Macchio

phyllis fierro
phyllis fierro

Phyllis Fierro is married to Ralph Macchio, a renowned Hollywood actor. They are a happy married couple who have been together for decades.

They met at a birthday party of one of his cousins when she was only 16 years old and he was 15. Their relationship blossomed and they dated into adulthood.

Phyllis Fierro Net Worth

Phyllis Fierro is a nurse by profession. Her net worth is estimated at around $1 million. She is married to Ralph Macchio, a veteran actor. They are blessed with two children, namely Julia Macchio and Daniel Macchio.

Psychllis and Ralph met when they were teenagers, after her cousin introduced them. The pair became friends and fell in love. They later got married on April 5, 1987.

The couple has been married for more than 30 years and have two children together. They have been living a happy life.

Phyllis was born on 23 July 1960 in the USA. She is a healthcare worker and the wife of actor Ralph Macchio. She is a modest personality and prefers to stay away from the media.

Phyllis Fierro Age

Phyllis Fierro, wife of actor Ralph Macchio, is a registered nurse who has dedicated her career to providing high-quality healthcare. She currently lives in Long Island, New York with her family.

Despite being a celebrity, Phyllis maintains a low profile and is not active on social media platforms. She enjoys spending time with her family and is a well-respected figure in the community.

She is a strong-willed woman and is extremely fit for her age. Her husband has always praised her for maintaining such a toned body.

Phyllis Fierro is married to Ralph Macchio and they have two children, Julia and Daniel. They both live a happy life together. In fact, they recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in style! Moreover, Phyllis has earned an impressive net worth from her nursing career.

Phyllis Fierro Height

Phyllis Fierro is a nurse practitioner who has been in the public eye for over three decades. She has been a hero in the medical field and has saved many lives in the process.

She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 60 kilograms. She has been married to the famous karate kid actor, Ralph Macchio, for over 34 years and shares two children with him.

Her husband, Ralph Macchio is a very popular actor in Hollywood and has starred in several movies and TV shows. He has also been in many commercials.

The couple got married on April 4th, 1987 and have been together ever since. Despite their busy lives, they still manage to find time for each other and their kids.

Phyllis Fierro has a modest personality and is very careful about her personal information. She does not reveal her age or any other details on social media, and her personal life is kept under wraps.

Phyllis Fierro Kids

Phyllis Fierro is a married woman who lives a very low profile life. She works as a nurse and does not like to let the glitz and glamour of the spotlight get to her head. She is a very humble person who is always ready to help her husband and children.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she served as a frontline nurse. This has helped her stay strong during a time when many people were suffering.

She is married to American actor Ralph Macchio and has two kids. Their daughter Julia Macchio was born in 1992 and their son Daniel Macchio was born in 1996.

The couple got married in 1987 and have been together ever since. They enjoy a blissful marriage that is free from all sorts of conflicts.

Phyllis and her husband have managed to defy the narrative that Hollywood marriages are short and fragile. They have been together for decades, and they are a very loving couple.

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