Drifting Dragons Season 2 Review

drifting dragons season 2
drifting dragons season 2

Drifting Dragons is a manga anime about the adventures of a crew of drakers who capture and kill dragons for meat, oil and other goods. Based on Taku Kuwabara’s manga series, Drifting Dragons is a fun and entertaining story.

The cast is a quirky bunch of characters who don’t fit into any of the standard anime tropes, but there’s one that stands out, and that’s Mika.

The Story

The rulers of the skies, dragons are a dangerous threat to humans on earth but are also sources of medicine, oil and food. People who hunt these beasts travel the sky in dragon-hunting airships.

Unlike most anime, Drifting Dragons Season 2 isn’t science fiction; it takes place in a vaguely feudal world where massive airships keep trade routes between far-flung human settlements going. It follows the crew of a dragon hunting airship, called the Quin Zaza.

Most of the characters are standard crew members, but there’s one man who stands out: Mika, a tall, skilled dragon hunter. He shows the other crew members the beauty of these creatures in ways other than killing them.

While his love of these monsters might seem like an odd way to go, Mika’s devotion is rooted in something deeper than the pay and food. He’s a spiritually connected “draker” who’s dedicated to teaching his fellow crew members the beauty of these ephemeral creatures.


Drifting Dragons season 2 focuses on a group of career dragon hunters on an airship known as Quin Zaza. They harpoon and butcher graceful dragons for a living.

As you might imagine, the crew of this airship isn’t quite the stereotypical shounen anime group; they’re all unique and interesting characters. And they all have their own reasons for joining the ship.

For example, Vannie (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris) has been on the crew for a while but hasn’t found much to do. However, when she and Mika find a dragon that is challenging to hunt, Vannie begins to question her decision to join the team.

These dragons are not your average winged lizards from D&D, Game of Thrones or Reign of Fire; instead, they’re hippie Lovecraftian beasts covered in tentacles and slime, with oil-covered heads and heat rays instead of fire. It’s a very different take on dragons from what most people think of when they hear the word, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you like your mythical creatures in a more groovy way.

Anime Style

Drifting Dragons season 2 is one of the most interesting anime series I have watched in a long time. It follows a crew of dragon hunters who travel the world on their airship Quin Zaza.

They hunt the graceful dragons that float through the sky for their meat, oil and scales. They are considered a source of food and medicine, which is why several crews sail through the skies on their airships to capture these coveted creatures.

The show has a strong cast and beautiful artwork. The characters are colorful and detailed, and they make you feel like you’re in the same boat as them.

The main character of this season is Mika, a tall, skilled dragon hunter who is responsible for teaching the ship’s newbie Takita the ropes. Mika’s role is one of the main reasons why this season is so good, as he shows her everything that she needs to know about becoming a successful dragon hunter.

Final Words

The final words of drifting dragons season 2 come from a young girl named Takita who is fresh out of school and now working as part of a crew that hunts graceful dragons for their meat, oil, and parts. She is determined to become a good draker but is also nervous and has a lot to learn about the art of capturing and killing these majestic creatures.

A tall, skilled hunter named Mika is a good fit for the role of mentor to Takita. Throughout the season, Mika helps her hone her skills as a draker while teaching her to empathize with dragons and to be gentle when killing them.

While Drifting Dragons isn’t a bad series, it doesn’t really reach its potential and could have been much better if it had focused more on story and character development instead of just throwing a bunch of one-dimensional characters together in an airship filled with people who hunt huge, flying monsters for a living. That said, the anime’s action scenes are enthralling and its CGI animation is stunning.

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