Jayda Wayda

jayda wayda age
jayda wayda age

Jayda Wayda is a social media celebrity and entrepreneur. She is famous for her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

She is also a model. She dated rapper Lil Baby in 2016.

Wayda and Baby got married in 2018. They have a child named Loyal Armani.

In this article we will discuss jayda wayda age.

Jayda Wayda’s Age

Jayda Wayda is a social media celeb, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. She is also a singer and model.

She was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia, USA under the zodiac sign of Libra. She is of African-American descent.

Her mother’s name is Tricia Cheaves, but her father’s identity is unknown. She grew up with her brother Len and sister Ameerah in Savannah.

As a model, she is earning a good amount of money from her career. She earns around $20-25k from her modeling and commercials. She has recently bought a Mercedes-Benz from her earnings.

She is a very conscious about her health. She works out every day to keep her body in shape.

Jayda Wayda’s Height

Jayda Wayda is a young entrepreneur who has grown immensely through her online influence. She is a YouTuber and a social media star from the United States.

She owns Amour Jayda LLC, which specializes in clothing, beauty, and hair care products. She also runs a popular YouTube channel that features videos on makeup, health, and fashion.

Her most popular video is titled “HAPPY FATHERS DAY.” It was uploaded on June 24, 2020 and received over 1.1 million views.

The American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media star is known for her viral posts on makeup, fashion, and health. Her Instagram account has over 2.1 million followers.

She is known for her curvy and fit body. She has a size 34 BB bra cup and weighs about 55 kg. She is an avid fitness fan and often goes to the gym.

Jayda Wayda Weight

Jayda Wayda is a social media star, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. She has millions of followers on different social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

She launched her first YouTube channel in 2018. Her videos have a lot of subscribers and a high number of views.

Her business is very successful, and she makes millions of dollars each year. She also has her own clothing line called “Waydamin.” This line sells neutral-colored fitted leggings, flared pants, turtlenecks, cut-out tops, and swimsuits.

The YouTuber and entrepreneur started her career by selling wigs. However, she realized that it was not possible to deliver quality wigs.

After a few years, she started to focus on her fashion business. She created a clothing line that sold out quickly. It was so popular that she expanded her clothing line. She also has a makeup line called “AmourJayda.” She has a lot of fans and followers on various social media platforms.

Jayda Wayda’s Age:

Jayda Wayda is 24 years old. Her birth date is September 25th, 1997, and her horoscope sign is Libra. She was born in Savannah, Georgia.

Jayda Wayda’s Family

Jayda Wayda is a YouTube star, model, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and Internet sensation. She is famous for her Instagram account and her YouTube channel.

She has an incredibly curvy body and flawlessly formed frame. She is also a fashion and beauty expert who sells her own line of clothing and hair care products.

jayda wayda age is 24 years.

Her parents are Tricia Cheaves and Michael Wayda, and she grew up in Savannah, Georgia. She has a brother named Len and sister Ameerah.

Currently, Jayda is dating rapper Lil Baby. They have been together for a few years, but the news of their relationship has been kept quiet.

She is a well-known YouTuber with millions of followers on her channel. Her videos cover a variety of topics, including makeup tutorials and traveling tips.

This article is about jayda wayda age.

She has also written a book about her journey as an entrepreneur, called “The Young Boss Blueprint.” The book provides useful advice on how to become successful in business. She was inspired to write the book after her fans repeatedly asked her for tips on how to start their own businesses.

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