The Best Mommy and Me Clothing Brands to Wear

“Mommy and Me” is a growing fashion trend. It is especially popular among women with adolescent or toddler girls. Mothers love to dress up their daughters like themselves and enjoy creating a “mini-me” version of themselves. The popularity of this trend has increased the demand for Mommy and me dresses. Many designers have launched their “Mommy and Me” collections. Matching dresses are especially popular on festive occasions like Eid or weddings. They not only look adorable but create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters. Daughters love being dressed up like their mothers which increases their self-confidence. 

Best Mommy and Me Clothing Brands 

Following is the list of the most popular “Mommy and Me” clothing brands. 


Maria B is a name synonymous with quality. The brand has expanded its product line extensively and is providing high-quality products under its umbrella. The latest addition to Maria B’s product offering is the launch of their “Mommy and Me” product line. This collection mostly consists of matching formal wear for mothers and kids. It consists of shalwar kameez, lehngas, shararas, and angrakhas.  

The collection is designed in soft fabrics consisting of chiffon dresses  and silks that are suitable for children and mothers alike. The cuts are moderate and simplistic to reflect the innocence of the children while exuding grace for adults. The color palette is dynamic, ranging from pastel colors suitable for the summer season to bright ones for more festive occasions. 

Some outfits from the mommy and me outfits are exactly the same while others are complimenting. These outfits are designed creatively to match each other while also securing individuality. For example, the color and the embroidery pattern of the twinning outfits may be the same but the placement of embroidery and cut may vary. For kids, the cut may be a short shirt paired with a lehenga with embroidery on the shirt border whereas for adults, it could be a kurta pajama set in the same color and fabric with the same embroidery pattern on the shirt or the shrug of the shirt. This is an innovative way of matching outfits and is especially suitable for women who are not comfortable wearing flowy lehengas and shararas. 

Maria B’s Mommy and Me collection is competitively priced and reasonable which makes it a popular option when purchasing twinning outfits. 


 Sapphire is an innovative brand that responds swiftly to market demand. With the growing popularity of mommy and me outfits, Sapphire has launched its twinning collection. It consists of festive clothes for special occasions. They have carefully designed this line with minimal embellishment and intricate embroidery to ensure comfort for mothers and daughters. Some children are sensitive to synthetic fabric. Sapphire, therefore, has used pure fabrics for this collection. The color palette is vibrant to complement children and adults alike. Each outfit is a statement piece made of high-quality fabric with uniquely designed and adequate embellishment.  The collection is suitable for formal occasions such as parties, weddings, and religious festivities. 

Sapphire’s Mommy and Me collection is reasonably priced considering the consumers’ mindset when purchasing two outfits together. It provides good quality for money and can be re-reused multiple times if proper care instructions are followed. 

So Wears 

So Wears is a relatively new Pakistani brand. It is especially known for its mommy and me outfits. The “Mommy and Me” collection of So Wears consists of casual to party wear dresses. The fabric used for casual outfits is lawn and cotton keeping in view the hot weather. Lawn is a soft breathable fabric which makes it a perfect choice for the summer. The formal outfits consist of lightweight silks. The cuts chosen for this collection are flowy and modest, with hemmed necklines and airy dresses that look adorable when worn together with little ones. The outfits can be dressed up or dressed down with appropriate accessories.  

Some formal outfits from the collection are lightly embellished and some have intricate embroideries considering the extreme weather conditions. The color palette of the collection is diverse ranging from whites and pastels to brighter mauves and oranges.  

Printed pieces from the collection are very popular due to their unique designs and color combinations and are enough to make a statement even without accessories. So Wears is a moderately priced brand that makes it accessible to the masses. It does not have a physical store and operates online, but it’s fast delivery and impeccable customer service make the purchasing process smooth and problem free. 

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