What To Do If You Hit Someone On The Road?

When you are driving on the road and you are distracted for a while and this distraction results in a serious accident, you might have to face serious consequences. These consequences can greatly extend, depending on what you do after the accident. If you hit and run from the site of the accident, then you can face a serious penalty. 

Therefore, it is always advised to stay at the site of the accident, even if the accident was your fault. Moreover, here is what you should do after hitting someone on the road. 

  1. Document The Accident

When you hit someone on the road, you should immediately stop on the side. Get out of the car and make sure that you and the other party are safe. You should document the time and place of the accident. Make sure that you see any eyewitnesses present at the scene. 

Moreover, you should take pictures of the damage caused to you and the other party as a result of the accident. Take pictures of both vehicles. This can be helpful supporting evidence in case something goes to court. 

  1. Report The Accident

You should report the facts of the accident to the authorities. Make sure that you call 911 and talk to the police when they arrive. Report your part of the story. Make sure that you stick to the facts and provide only the relevant information. 

You should get a copy of the report. This can be another supporting legal evidence for your case.

  1. Exchange Information With The Victim

You should talk to the other party as well. Make sure that you note their important information such as license plate number, driver name and contact information, and the damage caused to their vehicle. 

You should also provide your information, including your name, phone number, and your insurance provider. When you hit someone on the road, you will have to pay for their loss. Your insurance provider will be the one to pay for their auto repair and medical expenses. 

  1. Call A Lawyer

You should never let yourself fight the car accident case by yourself. If you live in Hampton GA, then make sure that you hire a car accident lawyer Hampton GA to help you fight the case. 

Even if the accident was your fault, you still should not have to face serious consequences. 

  1. Avoid Admitting The Fault

Lastly, the most important thing to remember when you hit someone on the road is to never admit your fault. While reporting to the police, you should stick to the facts. Always provide relevant information and give out only as much information as asked. 

Refrain from getting into verbal arguments or giving statements that might be used against you in court. If you live in Baytown TX, for instance, then your auto accident attorney baytown tx will guide you to give more responsible information. Make sure that your lawyer stands by your side. 

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